We put the “wow” into the “bow-wow” for a very simple reason: we like to make people smile. We put our hearts into creating unique and whimsical photographs that we call, “dog people.” Dog people are canines with human qualities.

They have two legs instead of four, for example, and like to wolf their food down without the help of a knife and fork. They like cats and own several as pets. They like to sniff the morning air and then go investigate that fantastically stinky smell that wafts through the breeze.

Not many people do the kind work we do. Our dogs are the models for most of our photographs. We actually dress them up and we take all aspects of our photos, from the backgrounds to the human models, with the exception of our “vintage series.”

We’ve written three very popular books over the past 8 years. The second book is sold out and the first one is nearly sold out after two printings. Our newest book, “The Butterfly That would Not Fly,” is still available. It was from working on that book, that we decided to make a film about the monarch butterfly and its steep and sudden population drop (please see story below).

Besides books, we offer 11 X 14 prints of our work, notecards, photo pins and photo necklaces. We print all our own work and make our own photo jewelry.

We put the “wow” into bow-wow!
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We offer a special program that focuses on the rapidly declining population of the monarch butterfly and how people can help reverse the trend.

We’ve given our popular talks and shown our acclaimed 22-minute, documentary film, “Plight of the Monarch,” to dozens of different groups and organizations over the past year. We’ve traveled throughout Illinois and even to Florida. People have been impressed with our documentary, which has aired on a local PBS affiliate. The film shows the lifecycle of the monarch and the crucial role that milkweed plays in its survival. We’ve given our talks to service groups, garden clubs, Audubon Society Chapters, school groups and more.

If you are interested in scheduling us for our talk and film showing, please click here or go to the “Book Us” navigation link to the left for our schedule and other details.